Kurt Krickler (HOSI – Wien)

LGBT history in Austria and privileged contact to the early movement in Eastern Europe in the 1980’s

Plats: NOVA, Lunagallerian, Södertälje
Tid: Lördag 13 oktober kl
Språk: Engelska

About Kurt Krickler:

Kurt Krickler has for years been working with HOSI-Wien, the LGBT organization of Vienna — fighting courageous struggles against a traditionally conservative and mostly Catholic Austria.  He was also contributor and editor of their monthly publication.

HOSI-Wien carried out pioneering work contacting and assisting  the small, newly-hatched LGBT groups in Eastern Europe — also helping to bring them to ILGA — the International Lesbian & Gay Association — which long was almost totally dominated by Western LGBT organizations with little contact and dim awareness of colleagues in Eastern Europe where the fierce battles against homophobia were then raging — and continue to rage.

Krickler was also living proof that the new medicine saving the lives of HIV positives could mean not just ”surviving” but making a full-time, dedicated contribution to the LGBT struggle.  He was awarded a diploma for his work by the president of the Austrian Parliament.

About HOSI Wien:

HOSI Wien was founded in 1979. We are Austria’s oldest and most important lesbian and gay organisation. One of our many tasks is political lobbying. Our advocacy activities are targeted towards government ministers, members of Parliament and other politicians as well as political parties and authorities, the media and the public in general to promote the causes of gays and lesbians.

Since 2010 our headquarter is located at Heumühlgasse 14 in Vienna’s 4th district.

We also offer gays and lesbians, especially young ones, support during their coming-out proces, and in cases of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. Our community centre is also a point of contact for all kind of information regarding homosexuality.


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